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Part Zero : The Prologue

Elery rides to a "heathen" family with Christmas gifts, and we determined whether her charity would be false and condescending or true and generous by inventing anecdotes about her childhood memories of her parents' dealings with nonbelievers.

Cyrus decided whether to write to his (lapsed in the Faith) mother, and the action rounds were lines from the letter and Cyrus's drafts.

A rabbi sent his star pupil to visit Joseph and convince him to unconvert, leading to theological debate about which religion was right was the conflict.

October attends a dinner at his professor's house, and debates him until he successfully exorcise's one of Mammon's servants who is possessing him.

Brother Exhumation debated with another racist Dog trainee who distrusted his Mountain Folk background, and they argued for a while and then shifted to brawling one another.

Part I : Dustbowls & Dirtballs

We reach the town, and it is suffering from a drought. Althea is claiming to be married to John Hammerfall, to whom many people in the town owe money.

Part II : Deportation & Demonetization

We set up a socialist commune, kick John Hammerfall out of town, send Althea and son back to Bridal Falls, and set up a trustworthy local farmer in charge of the credit union.

Part III : Drugs & Demonology

September Black is peddling quack drugs, Augusta Black is widowed, and Terpsichore is abolitioning. Turns out that September is in touch with the demon that October once exorcised, who is trying to abolish slavery because he hates authority in general.

Part IV : Deputies & Demagogues

October and September argue over the righteousness of collaborating with demons. Meanwhile, Terpsichore is arrested for helping abolitionist bandits, as is William Badwater. The sheriff is willing to cut a deal to let Terpsichore get out of town. The Dogs go talk to Christian, the bandit lord. Ellery decides we're being unrighteous, and stalks off to town to either start or control a panic among the faithful; no one's quite sure which.

Part V : Death & Destruction

Everyone but Ellery attacks the jail, and a shootout ensues, wherein several deputies are killed and Terpsichore and William Badwater are freed. Meanwhile, Ellery sets up an ambush that confronts the incoming abolitionist bandits, resulting in the death of September Black. The mob then heads towards the jail, and the other dogs manage to escape ahead of it, shooting the maniacal sheriff in the process and freeing all the slaves trapped in the holding pens.

Part VI : Doctors & Debates

October tends to William's wounds, which are healing remarkably quickly already, due to demonic influence. The others set off to find food for the fugitives, and meet with some success, but Exhumations is captured as he tries to hold the rear when a posse attacks the refugee camp. His execution scheduled for the next day, a wounded Ellery hobbles over to the jail to try to negotiate for his release. She works her mojo on the followers, while the others argue amongst themselves about whether or not to accept demonic help in their attempt to free him.

Part VII : Death & Death

Terpsichore and October argue over whether September's actions were justifiable while riding into town. Ellery goes to the jail and convinces the jailer to hand over Exhumations to her gang to let them work him over, in reality springing him from jail. They reach the office of the Steward just as the other three do, and argue a bit, then go into the adjoining room, where Ellery and Terpsichore see each other and attempt to kill each other. The other three manage to subdue them, leaving Terpsichore unconscious. Ellery wants to leave her behind to die as a scapegoat, and October is unwilling. She pulls a gun on him, and they proceed to shoot each other dead, but not before October proves Ellery wrong theologically. The others get the hell out of town.

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